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Case Adaptive Learning offers programs that are formed around you, and your needs. People with dyslexia usually think in images rather than words. When images for words or text cannot be formed, it can make academics challenging. Case utilizes the Davis Dyslexia Correction® program. The Davis® Method provides tools to enhance your strengths and to overcome weaknesses. During our program, you will learn how to work with clay to create images to connect with the written word. This program benefits children 8 years or older and all adults. It consists of 30 hours completed over a period of 5 days and includes support training for parents or other support persons. The program also includes six hours of direct post-program support.



Davis Dyslexia Correction® and Carmel Case was the best thing that has ever happened academically for my eight-year-old daughter. Case used a brilliant method that transformed my daughter’s reading by giving her the right strategies at the right time. This gave my daughter greater confidence in her reading and in her daily life. Case brought professionalism, joy, and fun every day. I strongly urge anyone with dyslexia to spend the week with Carmel Case. I do not know what we would have done without her. 


About Carmel Case 


Growing up, I was homeschooled due to my dyslexia being an "issue". As I thought about careers, I knew I wanted to teach; however I feared coming across someone like myself in that setting and not being able to help. I got Licensed through Davis Dyslexia Association International, because I wanted to help those that I could easily relate to. When I was 13, I was unable to read. I would get nauseous at the idea of reading in front of anyone. I spent many hours crying at the kitchen table with my parents trying to get me to read. If I did read, I retained none of the information. It was often the simple words that I couldn't comprehend and that made a huge impact on my self-esteem as a teenager. Completing this program as a teen changed more than my reading abilities. It changed my life as a whole. My confidence increased to be able to do and understand daily tasks. In some way, I felt the lights come on in my head. Everyday things became more simple and were no longer a burden or overwhelming. If it was not for the Davis program I would not have more mind space to enjoy the little things in life; such as spending quality time with my husband and dog while being outdoors.

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